chronic pain

chronic pain is one of those thing i live with on a constant basis I have damage to my spine from sliding down a flight of stairs on my spine because i missed a step when i got up to hit the bathroom one night when i was 20. Now there are several things they do to keep me comfortable one is a tens unit. it’s taken a while to find the right tens unitbut i’ve found what works and i’ll use it. in fact i practically live with the thing on.

The downside to living with the thing on is that i go through a lot of electrodes. Probably more then most people would use, however i’d rather be comfortable then having injections every 3 months, and taking narchotics to control the pain.

They have me on neurontin to deal with the nerve damage and diflocanac to deal with the inflamation and arthritus and tylanol if needed. There are some other things involved but while i have really bad days like today for the most part i’m comfortable enough and i can manage.

Of course this is the point where someone speaks up and says “but you have legal weed in oregon, why dont you smoke weed to help things. my response to that is a couple things. 1 i seem to react badly these days to weed and 2 our rent here is 625 a month for a 1 bedroom there’s no way we could afford it if we wanted to.

I used to have a blog where i would review marijuana strains but i dont keep the blog any more do to my not being able to experiment with it to try and review the different strains.


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