my thoughts on web accessibility

in the past year or 2 the internet or rather the web hasdeclined rather seriously in it’s accessibility for blind users. people want javascript because it’s supposed to make things “better” however it makes the web very very hard for a blind person to use. I can give some examples of this…

scaleway has a great service but i can’t sign up for any of their services because there’s no way for me to click on the terms of service thing in order to sign up. I was frustrated horribley by this because i really wanted to try their service because their prices are really nice. In the end though i think i got a better deal with going with
prgmr their prices are decent though they do not give quite the space and ram that scaleway gives, but they are on freenode, and that makes it worth it to me.

another example of how bad web accessibility has gotten is in a certain browser. The google-chrome browser is said to have accessibility features under linux but in reality none of them work. The google tts doesn’t work period and since they no longer support speech-dispatcher even though the bug might be fixed by now that made them stop using it in the first place, they still no longer support it. This leaves blind users with only 1 option for a web browser that’s graphical on linux and that’s firefox. Firefox is a decent browser all in all, but google’s screen reader made the web much easier to use.

My final example of how much web accessibility has degraded is godaddy the domain service. I tried to register the other day because i remembered how decent their service was when i had another domain there and it was insanely dificult to use. Why isn’t registered with godaddy? one simple reason. I couldn’t click on a no thanks button if i had just checked out i’d have had all of their packages and plans that go along with the domain and i did not want those.

There’s my thoughts on web accessibility and i think it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. Google really needs to fix their shit though There needs to be a browser that can keep up with the way the web is changing and google chrome on the desktop seems to do that in windows and mac os so, why not linux?


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