over the past several months a lot has happened.I had surgery in march to remove my gastric pacemaker, ended up with an infection that seems to be going away now. A couple of days ago i came back to freenode staff and enjoy it.

I’ve always loved the open source comunity but when i got sick, i dropped out of it completely. My health has been stable for a good 3 years now or so and i’ve finally got the energy to get involved again. I had been staff for in years past and the other day everyone let me come back and i really love it.

Oh sure you’ve got your bad users on irc but the majority of the folks i’ve spoken with have been extremely nice and helpful. The staff is also great to work with and i hope it stays that way.

I took up knitting several years ago but never started making any real progress till now. I’m excited now because we just might have a knitted bath mat for the bathroom in the next couple months depending on how fast i can actually go.

So all in all things are good and i’m happy with it. Chris and i have our 6 year aniversery of being together on june 4. we may have a friend come down to stay and that will be fun.


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