why did this have to happen?

now onto a serious topic that has been bothering me for a long time now. The friends who gave me all of that yarn that opens so many possibilities of what i can make were evicted from our complex after living there for 36 years. The reason why? 1 case of bed bugs that no one knows where it came from. This family still can not find a place to live after searching for months because they’re on a fixed incom and the rent here has skyrocketed. When we moved in we were paying 495/month now we’re paying 625, and when we sign our next lease, we’ll be paying over 700.

1 this family never should have been kicked out but they’re being blamed for something that they may not even have done.2, I keep asking myself if there are other reasons that the complex is doing it.

I feel angry and frustrated over this because we have no way to help them and it just feels so wrong that this is happening to them. I keep asking why, and i still have no real answers. I do hope however they can find a place to stay.


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