what’s a kittyrat?

I’m sure that by now people are asking me why i chose the domain name kittyrats.com. What’s a kittyrat? a kittyrat is a cat who’s got a long body and an extremely long tail. That’s how chris and i define a kittyrat anyway. our cats have really long tails and bodies and they know how to stretch and take up half the bed with out trying.

Many times i’ll see bastet stretched out with her body draped over the cat tower like she wants to take up as much space as she can. So, that’s a kittyrat for you I’ll try to include links to their pictures but since the domain hasn’t gone live yet I have to wait till the dns propogates


reflections on blogs and facebook

so i ent out this morning for a junk food run. e had no poer thanks to a transformer bloing and e’re aiting on a package for part of our dinner tonight so e decided on junk food. On the way home from the store, i started to think. I dont really care for facebook, never have. I’m purposely moving my blog to wordpress.com so this way folks can comment on it if they choose such as family. I think this is a nice way for my friends and family to keep track of me but also to be able to leave comments or feedback.

I’m eventually going to put the blog on kittyrats.com but if i’m going to set up wordpress and php and mysql then i want to do it right. Happy reading!